Campaign – Postcards

In Trusesti, a small place near the fringes of Botosani is a children's home with stray cats and dogs living on it's premise. Anca is caring for these animals and this called the project „Trusesti“ to life. (More information can be found under „Projects Trusesti“)

The home children of Trusesti take care of the stray dogs and cat living there. Not only do these kids feed „their“ animals regularly, they also check them for signs of injury or sickness, just how Anca showed and taught them to.

But just caring for them is not enough for these children. They want to do more to support the stray animals. This gave Anca an idea and she started a “Crafting Project”. With donated , colourful papers the home children create beautiful intricate postcards that are available for purchase.

On request of the children living in Trusesti's children's home
all revenue generated from this project is going to benefit
both Trusesti dogs and Ador in form of animal food.

If you're looking for a very special postcard to send to your friends and acquaintances next Christmas, you're at the right place! Soon we will also present more postcards for different occasions.

Each postcards (including envelope) costs 3 € plus shipping €.

If you're interested please contact:
Britta Gebauer, E-Mail: info@asociatia-ador.com

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