Welcome to the information site of the animal protection society Asociatia ADOR Botosani


Animal protection for dogs and cats in Botosani (Romania)
and the surrounding area

Ador is a small animal welfare organisation in Northern Romania that maintains an animal shelter at the edge of Botosani.

In Botosani a great number of cats and dogs live on the streets. They have been abandoned, because their owners grew tired of them. Sometimes they had to let them go, because they were no longer able to feed them or pay for their medical care.

Most of those cats and dogs are not prepared for the battle of survival on the streets, in fields, and forests. They are too young, too old or too weak - a lot of dogs die in accidents or are tortured to death. Some animals are lucky enough to be found or saved by Ador's members just in time.

Ador tries to help stray dogs and cats in need by giving them a safe shelter, food and veterinary care.

In their shelter or in the private homes of Ador's staff members they care for them - until animal loving people volunteer to offer a safe new home to one of these animals.

One of Ador's tasks is the supervision of feeding spots. Here stray cats and dogs are supplied with food and receive medical aid - when the animals accept it.

One of Ador's interests is to neuter strays to prevent or lessen the yearly massive flood of puppies
or kittens. This castration campaign is very important to Ador.

Another essential area of responsibility is the dialogue with neighbors, local residents and the youth. Ador carry out educational work and animal protection-projects at schools, as this is the only way to change people's minds about the current situation concerning stray animals.

Within the last few months the shelter grew steadily, but is still far from finished. It is being supported by donations alone.

On the following pages, we would like to introduce you to the work and various projects of Asociatia Ador.
You will also get to know cats and dogs that are currently under the association's care.

Since this website is still in progress, it will be continuously expanded and updated.
We will give you regular updates and information about the development and progress of the shelter's construction, as well as new arrivals of cats and dogs.


This site is aimed at all interested people, associations and private parties
that want to support Ador's work.


Asociatia Ador